Vodafone Wow from tobywinder on Vimeo.

Vodafone WOW

I was asked by the Time Based Arts to join the team, on this Vodafone spot.
The commercial was shot in beautiful Hong Kong.

I was responsible primarily for the animation of the whale, and tracking shots. I aslo helped out with some modeling,  texturing and some rendering for various shots


heres a complete credits list:

Client: Vodafone
Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster
Director: Sebastian Strasser
Exec Producer: Christoph Petzenhauser
Assistant Producer: Yan Schoenefeld
DOP: Hoyte van Hoytema
Editor: Paul Hardcastle @ Trim

Time Based Arts
VFX Supervisor: Sheldon Gardner,
Flame: James Allen, Mike Skrgatic, Luke Todd, Dave Birkill
Nuke: Matt Shires, Andre Dias, Sabrina Rivolta
Smoke: Mike Aveling, Gavin Burridge
3D: Oscar Gonzalez-Diez, James Mann, R James Healy, Ben Cantor, Toby Winder, Chris Wood, Duncan Burch (@Lumiere)

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