About Me

I am a Creature and Character Animator, working in the industry since 2007. Experience in high-end feature film visual effects as well as long form/commercial television work and games.
I’m currently based in Montreal.

I am always on the lookout for new opportunities, (both on site and remote work). Please get in touch with any business enquires.

Latest Projects

Work History

Coaching and Speaking

I am available for speaking engagements.
In the past I have given talks, workshops and masterclasses at various schools and conferences.
I will soon have a mini site for my services in this field, until then please do reach out to me to discuss this in more detail.

I offer one time showreel and shot critique services, as well as several mentorship options. I will have a mini site up and running for these services very soon. Until then please do reach out to me to discuss this further

Contact Me

For media, freelance, coaching and speaking enquires please contact me…